About QMP Racing

QMP racing engines was established in 2000 by Brad Lagman. Brad has over 18 years of knowledge and has been building engines since 1987. In 2000 Brad Lagman started QMP out of his garage. With limited equipment and having to rely on others for machine work progress began to show. Additionally, things began to get busy and with four people working in only 400sq. ft. of space it was time to expand.

By 2003 along with Mike Consolo, they opened an 1800sq. ft. shop in Chatsworth, California. QMP realized the only way to succeed was to have the ability to perform all of their work in house. The shop is filled with numerous amounts of tools and machinery for every type of operation. Much of the machinery has all of the latest technology. For example, the Flow Bench, Valve Spring Tester, Balancer and Cam Doctor are all computerized. The ability to have a large amount of the machinery computerized has afforded QMP the ability to process information more efficiently. Not only is much of the equipment computerized but QMP also makes use of exclusive techniques in the development process of machining. These kinds of methods are utilized during bore honing, valve jobs and during balancing.

By 2005, QMP had expanded once again. The shop obtained the facility next door and doubled in size. It was now at a total of 3600sq.ft. With the increase of space came the need to accommodate another employee. So, Pete Adams came aboard to run QMP's balance shop. This ability to balance cranks and any other rotating parts is essential to remaining productive and "in-house".

QMP provides first hand knowledge of the parts they sell. For example, Brad Lagman stated, "we practice what we preach". This statement reigns true because of Brad's extensive engine building experience. QMP wouldn't promote or sell a product if they were not completely satisfied with it. What's not good for QMP isn't good for you. Mike Consolo's philosophy is, "when you buy our parts you are buying a piece of our knowledge". Combining the years of skill and know how between Brad, Mike and Pete is priceless. However, they know what works and what doesn't. QMP has sorted out all the guess work so you don't have to.

QMP is dedicated to serving the racing community with quality parts and service. QMP can help you with all your engine requirements, parts, machine work and even technical advice.

Currently QMP is building a Pro-Street Monte Carlo, Hot Street Nova, and a 2003 Camaro. All will be racing at NMCA, NHRA, PSCA and other ASST race events.