Dyno Pull Videos

BBC Bracket Racing Engine 2 Pulls 1 Video

Two pulls in this video
This engine might get reworked a little and make even more power

Pete Consolo's 406 SBC Wedge Engine Dyno Pull and Walk Around

This is Michael's dad's new engine!
This engine is going into a '63 Nova.
The engine made 939hp and 608tq

Dyno Testing 408 LS 6.0L

408 LS Stock 6.0L Block on pump gas with Torco Accelerator.
Dyno tested at QMP Racing

342 SBX on Dyno 10,000 RPM

Quick video of a 342 SBX engine on our shop dyno.
Be ready to experience what 10,000 RPM is like.
Turn up the volume for this!

SB Ford Stroker on the DYNO

You are watching a dyno video of a 363 SB Ford Stroker on pump gas and hydraulic roller lifters.
See it produce 477 torque and 551 power!
This beauty is going to be in a 1963 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint.

Dyno Test SBC 23 Degree 850 Carb

Your watching a dyno test of a Small Block Chevy motor with 23 degree 850 Carburetor SHP Block.
This motor made 735 hp and 590 torque, running on pump gas with Torco Accelerator.
You want to go fast?

Al Jimenez's '72 Camaro ????hp Dyno Pull

One of our racers on the chasis dyno.

502 BBC Engine Street Car on Pump Gas

502 Big Block Chevy Engine for a street car running on pump gas with Edelbrock Cylinder Heads.